Help! color rubbing off on interior pocket

  1. I have an LV monceau, which I haven't used in several years. I recently started to use it again and I noticed that brown coloring was rubbing off on my nails when I put items in the inside zipper pocket. Additionally, any papers, etc. that were in the interior pocket also have brown coloring that rubbed off.

    I purchased the monceau about eight years ago directly from Louis Vuitton.

    Does anyone have any thoughts (I will take it back to LV, but I thought someone might have some suggestions.

    Thanks and regards
  2. Yeah I'd take it back to LV to have them look at it. I know some linings (most often, the raspberry alcantra) have a tendency to rub off on items, but that's after a lot of use, if the lining got a bit damp, etc.
    But your problem sounds a bit more severe so I'd definitely take it in as soon as possible, they'll probably need to replace the lining.
  3. Your interior pocket is peeling, which is a common problem with many older LV bags. The reason for that is mainly due to heat and age...the interior is made from a synthetic lining material...I know this because my tresor wallet is like this (but surprisingly immaculate with the real leather parts...go figure).

    The boutique can definitely have it fixed! You should go there and ask for a quote.