Help...Color coordination

  1. I purchased the B-bag in Ocean blue. I plan on carrying it alot and I was wondering what color clothes go really well this color bag because I would hate for my bag to clash with the color of my outfit. I carried it today wearing a white top and dark denim jeans. I just love the bag and the color. Fellow members please help me with this dilemma.
  2. Sorry, but I am no help! I think that blue bags are GORGEOUS but I have always struggled to match them to my wardrobe. I am sure that a blue bag owner will be able to give you some ideas!
  3. I'm not much help as my warbrobe is primarily blues: greyish, greenish, bright and light.

    My favorite bbag right now is my Cornflower Oval and it just goes with everything.

    What colors do you have in your closet??
  4. um, what's the dilemma here?? you seemed to have match it beautifully today with the white top and dark jeans. you wanna know what other colors will go with your ocean bag? i would consider what your wardrobe is like. do you wear a lot of jeans b/c it will usually look great with that.

    i am NOT a blue bag kinda girl but now that i think about it there are not so many colors that will look "bad" with an ocean bag, ya know. it'll add a nice pop of cool color to a neutral outfit (whites, browns, blacks, khakis) and complement jeans well too. i would say an outfit that already has a lot going on (lots of colors or patterns that do NOT include any blue) might be too much. imagine a printed top or skirt with lots of colors (but no blue for the bag to pick up) and another color top or skirt (i know, crazy sounding outfit) and a blue bag may get lost in all of that or just look too comical. that's just me....and my outfit today is hilarious!
  5. Well, I like to be pretty coordinated myself. Im not into wearing any bag with just any outfit just because I like the bag so I personally would only wear Ocean with jeans, white, and any sort of blue-grey colour.

    Jeans and a white top is perfect. Or jeans and any top for that matter. As long as you have something to tie in the blue colour
  6. I don't match bags to my outfits. I have a marine day(dark blue) that I wear with everything. You can't go wrong with jeans and any color t-shirt.
  7. I have an aquamarine and I wear it with everything :nuts:
  8. I wear alot of dark colored jeans, so I usually just pair it with a v-neck tee in a variety of colors... That is kind of my "uniform"! ;)

    Blues are some of my favorite colors, so I have a few blue bbags - but I agree that they would go with most things...
  9. I think it will look great with khaki, black, or white outfits! Just take a little time and try on different outfits with the bag and you'll get a better feeling for what you wanna wear with it! I always do this when I buy a new bag or clothing :shame:
  10. I do wear alot of jeans, so I like you said the bag would go well with jeans. I have so many jeans that my husband says that they all look alike, but we women know no matter how many jeans we have there is a difference in all of them.
  11. Wear it with anything- Work your clothes around the bag! I pick my bag for the day and then I decide what to wear that compliments the bag- Show that baby off!