HELP! Color confusion!

  1. Hi ladies,

    please help! i don't know if the Brun from LVR is the same as the Chocolate from Aloharag.

    please advise!

    6as439edslfchoca.jpg 0015.JPG
  2. the chocolate and the brun are two different colors of brown. Nordstrom has both to look at. the brun is pretty. Chocolate in the paddy is different than chocolate in the betty. brun is brun. hope this helps.
  3. Thanks Loren!

    Does Nordstrom's have it in the loaf/box shape or the regular edith? :smile:
  4. ok, i just got an email from chloe and they say that this bag is available in black, brown, whiskey and grey. so i guess LVR's brun and aloharag's chocolate are the same color?

    anyhow, it doesn't matter... i bought the choco~ :yahoo:
  5. ah congratulations Jeshika :biggrin:

    how long before you get your new baby?
  6. i only get it on monday!!!! :sad:


    i can't wait!
  7. ahh Jeshika, the weekend will fly by ;)
    Please post piccies when you get it :biggrin:
  8. it's in NEWARK! but they won't bring it to me in NYC!!!!! i have to wait till Monday! I can't wait.

    And my bf is going away... i am not going to see him for a month :crybaby:. i am extra sad... hopefully the bag will cheer me up!