Help! color choices

  1. Ok as you all may know, That the balenciaga giant gold hardware is very pretty!!!!:yahoo: They are going do the giant collection in silver for the fall! Should I get the black and gold or wait for the gray with silver hardware! I really wish they would bring back the neutral! It's sold out! B/c Cameron Diaz has it! I love that one too :heart::heart:.

    What should I do?

    Ps---I am also going to get a louis vuitton tote-in the monogram so I have brown
    Damier azur speedy 30! Gray and beige chex!
    Something to consider :tup:
  2. i'd wait for the silver if i were you.......
  3. I think the Plomb (dk. grey) with silver gh will be a great combo. Also, there will be an Ivory color this fall that will look amazing with the Gold GH. So that's something to consider as well.
  4. The grey (steel) with silver is already in stores!!
  5. grey and silver...sounds yummy!
  6. Another vote for gray and silver! I think that this combo will be very pretty.
  7. I have decided I want the anthercite work! Thanks guys!:yahoo:.