Help! Coffer in Prugna or new Burgundy

  1. I can't decide!
    The prugna seems more fall/winter and the new Burgundy seems more all-season, it looks great with summer pinks as well as blacks, browns, grays. I just am not sure about the distressed/glazed leather on the new bags, it seems much stiffer. The prugna leather is so soft and silky, but is it just a winter color?
    Any opinions would be so helpful!:s
  2. Hi... I loove the prugna color... I chose that over the sandalo deep blush (which i think NM calls the distressed version)... but once I got it home, and i had the prugna next to my other dark browns, the color was *almost* similar... the color changes depending on the i returned it and i got it in another color... the prugna is a versatile almost neutral color that you could wear all year round, i think... . but i never did care about seasons/colors... so what do i know... hee hee

    if you have a lot of deep / dark brown purses, i would go for the distressed version so it's different from what you already have...

    both are beautiful - either one you choose.
  3. IMO, Prugna is an all year round color. Although it's dark, it's such a versatile plum color and will go well with summer neutrals.

    The new Burgundy is also an all year round color. I do think that both colors are in the same family.

    Perhaps, you should ask yourself which leather type do you prefer? I personally love the smooshy factor of lambskin in a regular coffer since I adore the texture! But I'll would jump at the chance to get a burgundy in distressed leather if it's available in medium.

    I love both colors very much!
    Sorry if I'm not much help. :confused1:
  4. That would be a hard decision! I think I would go for the prunga. Sounds like it would be so soft and smooshy. But I do like the new distressed look also. Tuff call to make. I would want both!
  5. i was deciding between the prugna and the caramel (noce i think) color when i got my coffer. i LOVE the prugna color, and agree with the above that i think it looks almost like a shade of dark brown and changes with the lighting--but i decided to go with the caramel color because i thought it would go into spring/summer better. so i do actually think the prugna looks more fall/winter, though i think it's still beautiful and very useful. i like the regular leather better than the stiffer distressed leather, but that's just my opinion. i love how soft it is! good luck!
  6. You know what I am going to say.................get them both!!! :graucho: J/K. I wish that I could tell you more about the distressed leather, but I haven't worn either of the calfskin coffers even once yet, so I'm not much help either.:nogood: You might ask Tulip a bit more about how she likes hers.

    I will say that I really love my lambskin coffers to death though and it was that leather that initially got me addicted to the bag. Like everyone else, I love the smoosh-factor too!! :p