HELP!!! Coach Flagship Dowel Flap (Ivory)

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  1. LADIES:

    I tried using the Coach Authentication thread, but none of the authenticators over there have the bag, so they couldn't help me. Can either of you ladies who have this bag or seen it in person tell me if the lining shown in the pictures looks like the lining used in an authentic bag...? If you can authenticate it, I'd really appreciate it. :smile:

    ITEM: NWT Coach Flagship Leather Dowel Flap Bag Ivory MPRS
    Listing number: 250878599636
    Seller: latestlookz
    Link: http://******/ot2Tum
    Comments: The seller has 100% feedback, but I'm a little suspect because I thought the lining for the Ivory Flagship Flag was a mint green color or is that just the metallic bag? Anywho... Ladies, thank you so much in advance! You ROCK!
  2. It looks authentic to me, having tried out all the dowel flaps before choosing my python dowel flap. The ivory does have the peachy/coral lining. The gold one has the peacock blue lining.
  3. Oh thank you so much BonBOnz! You rock!!! :smile: