Help - Coach as a gift

  1. I was hoping to get my mom a Coach (her first) for her birthday. The problem was she went to the boutique and said everything she saw was too "trendy". I think she likes bags with longer straps. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. anything legacy...i can't believe anyone thinking that's trendy. it seems pretty "classic coach" to me.

    or go online and look at the items in the 'CLASSIC' leather never goes out of style.
  3. There is a new soft duffle that my mom is dying over. It comes in leather and signature and it is under $300. It has a long strap that you can wear shorter too. It is a very classy bag and looks good on my mom. It is the shorter version of the duffle and it is online right now. Check it out.

    Legacy is very nice but my mom doesn't like any of those because they are not comfortable to wear for her.

    I know that it isn't always the easiest to please moms. I have purchased three bags for her and returned all three. We tried the Legacy Shoulder Zip (too small and too short for her), the signature stripe camera bag (too small and a little akward looking for everyday), and then the meium Carly (didn't like the inset zipper). Yup, she is a picky one. She loves her Chelsea bag so I bought her another of those last week on sale.

    Good luck!!!
  4. I think the Legacy collection would be a good choice. Maybe something plain signature, (duffle, tote).
  5. Hi there - I'm new to the forum, hope I'm not butting in, but I can totally relate to this, so I thought I'd comment. My mother in law is the exact same way, probably worse. She's 53 but acts like she's 80 - anything with color or buckles or anything like that on it and she's like oh, no that's for you young girls, not an old lady like me. (I'm 36 - not exactly a teenager anymore) :rolleyes: I would recommend looking into the classic leather section. They're very plain, but classy and timeless. My mother in law has a Court Bag that she absolutely loves. It has a long strap and a handle, which is nice, because then she could choose what she prefers. If your mom likes shoulder bags, the City Bag or Patricia's Legacy Bag are probably a safe bet as well. Hard to say exactly which one she would like without knowing her style but I bet you could find something for her if you look on
  6. Thank you all so much for your input :smile: Going to check it out now.