Help! Clumsy waitress....

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  1. Can anyone please help. Took my new-to-me but perfect pebbled oak Mitzy messenger out for breakfast earlier (her second only outing). Was very careful to sit her on a chair next to me rather than risk the floor but the waitress "oops! So sorry, I only started today!" managed to lose plates, cups and buttery knives in one go all over me and poor Mitzy! She now has a large greasy butter stain right bang, slap on the front. I've wiped her with alcohol-free wipes, colonil gel and tried to re-spray her with colonil - she had been treated to three light sprays before going out. Nothing has made any difference. Has anyone got any suggestions, pleeeeeease?
  2. Oh dear.....blot it with a microfibre cloth don't rub. Put talcum powder on the stain and leave it to soak in overnight if needed then pat the talc off gently with a clean microfibres cloth....good luck
  3. Oh gosh this is awful :sad: so sorry to hear about that, one of those annoying things in life. I hope you get it all sorted okay!

  4. How about put talc powder to soak up the oil on that spot?
  5. I would have spoken to the owner/manager to complain and explain the value of your bag & to let them know of a potential insurance claim on their part if it can't be fixed. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's where the employers public liability part of their premium comes in to play.
    If I were you I'd contact them today about this. This may seem mean on my part but I waitressed myself for years so I know the score and ok it's her first day but that's still hopeless :shocked:
    Edit: sorry that happened to you, that's the stuff of nightmares :wtf:

  6. Thanks, Elvis. I'll definitely give it a try but I've a horrible feeling I may have blown it by panicking and rubbing colonil gel on it and then spraying. Suspect I've merely succeeded in sealing the grease in! Doh!!!

  7. Thank you. You and Elvis are thinking alike!
  8. Yes, I agree. Hope you atleast got your breakfast discounted/free!

    Hoping the stain comes out, Mitzy's are very resilient, someone even machine washed theirs and it was fine.

  9. I know you're right, WDOB but it was just a really awkward situation. I'd met with a friend who told me her cancer has returned and there's no more they can do. Tbh it didn't really register what had happened until I got home and looked at my bag as it all went by in a bit of a surreal blur after she broke the news. Maybe that's why I'm not in too much if a rev about it. Nothing like a bit of perspective - every time I look at that stain I'll think of Andrea!

  10. Ah fair enough, your poor friend :rain:
    That's terrible. Hope you are feeling ok too.
  11. That's awful, so sorry to hear, hope you're okay
  12. Lets hope the talc in gently with your fingers and lets keep everything crossed it can still soak most of it up
  13. Ah bless you sorry to hear that news...I have just had the same prognosis on my male, is only a few weeks younger than me and it is sobering

  14. You're so right.
  15. Oh no that's terrible news, this really does put things into perspective. Hopefully the mark on your Mitzy can be removed but if not I am sure that it will lesson over time & blend in. These are pretty hardy bags. Best wishes to your friend. :flowers: x