HELP!! Cleaning Damier

  1. a dilemma...for some reason i found either some paint (fingers crossed, i hope hell not) or some dust on my damier speedy...

    i'll post pics soon but hs anyone cleaned their damier bags? please let me know!

  2. I clean my Mono and Damier with Apple Leather Conditioner. Where are the marks - on the canvas or leather?
  3. I find the canvas pretty easy to clean, don't laught, but I revived a vintage piece with goo gone and armorall.......
  4. If it is the canvas, not to worry. My mono shows white "specks" from time to time and they always come off.
  5. canvas~

  6. If the marks are on the canvas, they should come off pretty easily.
    *Crosses fingers for you*
  7. Those white spots are very common on Damier and Mono canvas. To remove those, I use a teeny drop of Apple Leather Cleaner (not the conditioner) and rub gently with a clean cloth - works like a charm! :yes:

    I would suggest not using the cleaner on any leather as it is very strong and can leave dark marks on vachetta. I did use it a few times on vintage bags with darker leather and it really helped but I would never use it on newer bags with light vachetta.
  8. I'd start with baby wipes.

  9. i agree!:yes::yes:
  10. OT: but, GooGone rocks! That stuff removes anything! :yes:
  11. It really does! I'm watching a friend/neighbors' house and some stupid kids with nothing else to do came around the other night and egged a bunch of cars..including my neighbors car. So I used goo gone the next morning and the egg residue came right off!
  12. yeah, same here i will try baby wipe first to see if the stain will come out.