HELP!! Cleaning Advice Please!!!

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    I really want some advice on cleaning these wristlets. The first is the butterfly. Its a limited edition from about a year and a half ago. It was my first Coach item and I love it! The only problem with it is that I am terrified of using it because of its white color, it picks up dirt so easily. The care cards that came with it said to not use any kind of cleaner with it...

    The red wristlet is my second favorite and there is some visible wear on the suede bottom. My friend said that there is no way to clean the suede and you just have to be careful with it...

    I am a bit ocd in the sense that I like to keep my things spanking new. Since I am paranoid of getting it dirty, its been sitting in my closet for over a year!! I finally gave up and put the things up for auction on eBay.

    Can somebody give me some advice on how to keep these clean? Both are my favorite Coach items still but I can't afford to just keep them in my closet forever....

    I think I may just be looking for an excuse to take them off eBay and keep them for a bit longer ;)
  2. xIcyBlueX
    I certainly am not an expert in this area....however, I had read in a previous post that you could use a natural colored emery board (nail file) to clean the dirt off the suede.
    The first wristlet, I would just use mild soap and water.

    They are both beautiful and I can see why you would be apprehensive about selling them on eBay.
    Do a search on this site and it will give you better info. on this subject.
    Good Luck :smile: