Help cleaning a really filthy George Foreman Grill

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  1. It used to belong to my brother and now it's mine.

    When my parents brought it to me, it was dusty and caked in old grease. I got the dust off the outside and scrubbed the old grease off the grill part with my dish brush and water. I didn't want to use soap. I was hesitant about using water because it's an electrical appliance.

    (Then I had to wash my dish brush with a bar of soap to clean it.)

    Okay, my problem is, I got all the grease off the surface, but I still feel like it's not clean enough to cook my food.

    What else can I do?
  2. Get some Easy Off Oven Cleaner. I use it all the time on my All-Clad pans on the outside to keep them sparkling clean.

    I also use it on caked on baking pans and it works wonderfully.
  3. vinegar works wonders cleaning..maybe you could try that?? Dont know if it would work, but it is an awesome cleaning agent
  4. I am not sure what types of chemicals you can use on one of those. I use a sponge and dishwashing soap--like dawn to clean mine.
  5. I second Easy Off, but get the milder kind.
  6. Place a soaking wet paper towel inside it & turn it on. Once it is hot enough that there is steam coming out, turn it off & clean it with your nylon scrubber.

    Repeat as needed.
  7. it's always easiest to chean when it's right after you finish cooking...if you wait too long, then it starts to get crusty and i pretty much clean it right after using it.
  8. This is how I clean mine and it works like a charm. If it's ***really*** caked on you may have to use a couple of paper towels right after one another. This method seems to lift EVERYTHING and is so easy. I usually just have to tissue off to expose a sparkling grill, no scrubbing necessary.
  9. A guy who came and installed my Jenn-Air (the kind where you can put the griddle in and out, etc.) told me that the best way to clean those items is to put a little soap and water and scrub lightly and then put it out in the sun for several hours and let the sun work on it. And then bring it in and continue cleaning it. I also turn it on and then wipe it with a paper towel and get all the residue off.
  10. Thanks!

    I'm still getting the old grease smell from the machine.
  11. Maybe you can cover the dirty part with tissues that have been soaked in degreaser for a few minutes. After that, remove the tissues and gently wipe the grill with a dish scrubber.
  12. I gave my old George Foreman grill to the thrift shop because it was such a pain to clean.

    Then I got one where you could remove the grill panels and put them in the dishwasher. This is the only way to own a Geo Foreman grill, imo.

    If you follow my plan and your grill is too dirty to even give away, use Easy Off on it.
  13. I dealt with the same thing and finally just got rid of mine. Thankfully the new ones have removable plates that are dishwasher safe.