Help cleaning a mini monogram?

  1. I'm watching a mini monogram right now that will need a little cleaning on the exterior. I love this bag, it is a great price, and I'd hate to pass it up? Anyone have suggestions for how to clean it? Thanks!
  2. I had a few small pieces and they are easy to clean, if you need to. I used a liquid cleaner - the kind you use on lingerie. I wet a facecloth, put some cleaner on it and rubbed the area. Then I rinsed the cloth and went over the area until all the cleaner was gone. Air dry and voila! You can't even tell where it was cleaned!

    The best thing to do is be preventative with good ole Shining Monkey!
  3. wouldn't rub the canvas over and over cause wear and tear to the threads??
  4. You wouldn't by any chance watching a Juliette, would ya?