Help: Classic Timeless Shoulder bag?

  1. Hi, I'm a first time LV buyer and I'm looking for a classic timeless over-the-shoulder Monogram canvas Louis Vuitton bag with a zipper to close it shut. Basically, I want a shoulder bag that will not be discontinued and will be around forever- something I can give to my daughter. I also want it to look professional, so it can be used for work as well. However, overall, I'm looking for an everyday bag that can be used for EVERYTHING. I'm drawn to the Speedy 30 (because it's timeless, been around forever, and also Audrey Hepburn), but unfortunately, it's only a handbag. I also like the Alma, but again, it isn't a shoulder bag. It seems like Louis Vuitton does not have many classic shoulder bags. I went to a LV Boutique, but couldn't decide. I'm currently looking at [totes] Babylone, Cabas Mezzo, Cabas Piano, [shoulder purses] Viva Cite MM, Tikal PM, Boulogne, Papillon 30, Popincourt Haut. I did not include the Bucket or the Batignolles because they do not have zippers. Also, the Lockit Horizontal did not catch my eye.

    It seems like every bag has something wrong with it. The Popincourt Haut just never appealed to me and there's just something about it that doesn't look right- maybe too triangular. Also, the balls seem like they would be annoying over time. The Babylone was cute at first, but the shoulder straps are really really long- I think too long (I'm 5'5")- and it also looks a little "mature-looking." The Cabas Mezzo seems way too large, but the Cabas Piano seems way too small. And both Cabas seem too casual-looking and I've heard complaints about the vachetta bottom being hard to clean or maintain. I really love the Cabas' simple lines and the way it looks (and it seems to be a celebrity favorite), but because of the "vachetta" complaints, will the Cabas be discontinued in the future?- afterall, they did discontinue the Alto. The sales associate said something about the Popincourt Haut sort of being the Cabas Piano replacement- the PH doesn't have the vachetta bottom. The Viva Cite MM has a really elegant shoulder strap and shape, but I don't think I'd ever use the outside two pockets. Tikal PM is really cute and elegant, but it's really too small for me. The Boulogne seems cute, but the sales associate didn't seem to like it that much (I don't know why). The Papillon 30 is over the shoulder and is cute, but it seems too trendy and less serious. To be honest, I'm really looking at the Cabas Mezzo, Babylone, and Cabas Piano. But on the other hand, I really want a cute shoulder bag, how about the Viva Cite MM, Tikal PM, Boulogne, or the Papillon 30? And is the Babylone or the Cabas Mezzo/Piano more timeless, classic, and least likely to be discontinued?
  2. I think all of the ones you mentioned are pretty timeless and classic, but I also think most monogram LV are :P . Have you tried the looping bags, I have the MM and it's perfect for me, also the Luco tote zippers shut.
  3. Cabas Mezzo or Piano ar both stunning. I have the Luco and it´s a perfect shoulder bag but it´s discontinued so I´m not sure the stores still have it. Personally I don´t like the Babylone at all.
  4. I don't know if you like these, but here are some additional selections
    Stephen, Hudson GM, Babylone (I think its a great bag) not sure why your SA didn't care for it.:flowers:
  5. I have the Viva Cite and use the outside pockets for phone. The shoulder strap is a perfect length. I just replaced the shoulder strap because I got a little pen on it. Now the bag looks new again because that's the only vachetta. The bag, however, is a little too small for me, I probably will eventually sell it. I carry a lot of stuff so I use my Petite Noe more-which I love.
  6. Argh, Every bag DOES have something wrong with it!
    I went through this too. Piano too small, Mezzo too big. I wish there were one in between!
    I ended up getting a Piano and will get the Mezzo someday. Both eBay because I could never get both if I bought them new (and I love older vachetta).
  7. I like my looping mm.....
  8. Have you thought about a damier chelsea?I have that bag and love it!
    it holds much and love the brown leather bottom-I like it for weekend trips and its a great carryon. You never have to worry about the vachetta or getting it damaged.
  9. the Boulogne gets my vote.
  10. i agree with LABAG. if you are considering damier line as well, the chelsea would be nice!
  11. There are so many, but if you want true classic, I would say pappilion, it is an icon for a reason ;)
  12. Boulogne - a real classic, in fact, why haven't I got one of those...? Really though, beautiful and functional.
  13. Yes, maybe you can call 866 Vuitton and have them try to locate a Luco tote for you! It doesn't get more classic, it's very simple, and the only vachetta is on the handles. Otherwise I think the cabas mezzo. I'm not a fan of the babylone or boulogne in the large size. Can you perhaps wear the Manhattan GM as a shoulder bag? I know some ladies can work that, you should look at that one too.
  14. Thanks everyone. To be honest, I've had my eye on the Cabas Mezzo from the very beginning. I prefer simple elegance. I like the simple lines of the Cabas Mezzo and I think it looks classy. I guess that's why the Cabas Mezzo is so popular with all of the celebrities. Why and when did they discontinue the Luco and the Cabas Alto?
  15. I love my Stephen bag, a handbag and a shoulder bag which is the #1 reason I love it. I keep the shoulder strap in the bag and use it when I need it. It does have a zipper. Very easy to see into. It is similar shape to the speedy, I replaced my speedy with this bag and have loved it ever since. It is large so I am not sure if that is a plus or not, it is for me. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the bags!!!!