Help! CL sole came off after half an hour!!!

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  1. Well I just had my first pair of CL wedges delivered yesterday!:wlae:

    BUT after trying them on I walked them down to the local shops and back again and guess what!? In that half an hour period when I wore them the red sole had almost completely worn off!? Now I know that they will come in contact with the ground, that's unavoidable, but surely the sole isn't meant to rub right through in such a short period of time. Is this something I can get an exchange for? I bought them at Bluefly.
  2. I think that's normal. The red is just red lacquer.
    It's probably the surface you are walking on. Sidewalks, parking lots, etc provide the most destruction. But yes, it does hurt a little. :sad:
  3. Yep, that's pretty normal. Someone should advise him to start using red rubber soles! ;)
  4. The 1st pair will do that to you. Unfortunately, it's not something you can exchange the shoes for.
  5. Welcome to our world lol
    Its a shock at first, but you do get used to it.
  6. I can return them but don't want to do that if this is normal for the shoes. Still, pretty upset about it!
  7. With Bluefly you can only return them if they are in saleable condition. I had to keep a pair of Jimmy Choos I ordered (not realizing I had gone up a half size) because when I tried them on I was standing our our hard wood floors and I realized when I sat down that there was some dust on the floor which marred the sole.

    As others have said, the red sole does come off and sidewals are harsh on the soles. With wedges, since the entire sole in in contact with what you are walking on, the sole will wear much faster.
  8. It's normal.
  9. Is it worthwhile ordering in a new pair of red soles and getting a cobbler to resole them then spray with something protective to avoid it happening again? Or will the new soles also wear away fast?
  10. If you get the proper red soles they are red all the way through. They will be red until they are worn all the way through and you would get them re-done before that happens.
  11. I say you just enjoy them and then get them resoled when they wear down more. It'll be okay... :flowers:
  12. The only way to effectively make them stay red is with Red Rubber, preferably Vibram. It's sad to watch that beautiful red lacquer go, isn't it? :flowers:
  13. OUCH--that would be painful--I hadn't realized that with a wedge, the entire red sole would wear off! At least with heels, the part that shows remains red.

    You could get some red vibram soles and have a cobbler put them on--they'll last a long time!
  14. I noticed that the red comes off faster when I'm walking on a wet surface, as what happened with my poor ballerina flats after one rain shower!

    My bailarinas need to be resoled badly though..that was after 2 weeks of stomping around the sands in Egypt and Dubai last November. There isn't a single spec of red left on them!