Help! City pockets?

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  1. Hi ladies I'm hoping someone can help me, I just purchased a preloved black city with rh. I got it authenticated and was almost certain it was authentic. However, it only has one interior pocket (zipped) is this normal? I have seen some with 2 on one side and one zipped on the other, is this something they have changed by adding more pockets?
  2. My city only has one interior zipped pocket. I only have had two Bal's that have had more than one pocket. One was a 2013 Maxi Twiggy and the other was like a 2011 or 2012 Day (I forget the year).

    I think only the newer bags come with the slip pockets, I'm not sure if the new City's have them. What year is yours?
  3. Mine is 2009 I saw one form 2007 that only has one pocket as well..:shrugs:
  4. According to interior pockets were added in 2012
  5. Thank-you so much!! I have been searching the Internet for 40 minutes trying to find this information, every other part of the bag checks out:woohoo::urock:
  6. Correct .. the 'original' B-Bags only had the zippered compartment. Balenciaga later added the 2 pockets in the front; nice addition .. wish they had done it sooner!
  7. Thanks! I wish they had done it sooner as well
  8. same here! it'll be so much easier finding stuff...
  9. Hey everyone
    I thought I'd post up a pic of my FRONT pocket - 2005 Black City S/S... I'm not 100% sure when BBag started putting the leather bit in the pocket... I had an 06 Black City back in the day and I think it had the leather bit in the front pocket.
    Anyone else wanna share some pics?
    Just thought it would be helpful :smile:

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  10. Is it authentic if it does not have that leather bit in the front pocket? I just bought this from ebay and seller claimed that it was authenticated by My Poupette. I was planning of dyeing it and give it to my mom. Any opinion will help.

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  11. The leather in the front pocket started in F/W 2005. If you'd like a tPF authentication you can post on the AT thread with the correct photos, see links below.
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  12. Thank you so much for responding. I really appreciate it. I will post more pics.
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  13. My pleasure!