HELP! citta rosa BV or foresta BV?

  1. so right now im in a dilemna because i have 2 bag offers of the same style, and 2 prints i really want. hahahaha. but i don't believe in having 2 of the same bag style, so im trying to decide.

    the citta rosa BV is perfect. the sellers is going me a price of 160 shipped, and it is twice used (2 people owned it and used it)

    the foresta BV has PERFECT placement on the back. i was going to just take the qee off and use the back facing outwards. the front isnt bad, just not the best. the seller is selling it to me for 190 shipped. it is LIGHTLY used but pretty much brand new.

    i cant decide which one i want! hahaha. im thinking maybe the CR since the black mesh matches it, but foresta is so hard to find.

    any advice?
  2. Do you have photos?
  3. lol actually i haven't used it yet. i was saving it for a school bag in the fall, but tote bags do not get along with me when i have to put binders & books in them (my shoulders are lopsided b/c of this). i found another bag i like better, so that's why i'm giving it up. if you decide against it, i'll probably still end up selling it (unless the bag i want is sold before then). :p
  4. Yeah, I'd definitely like to see photos... Both are super cute yet different prints! The colors are opposite, the prints are opposite...
  5. I LOVE Foresta and HATE the color pink so I guess my vote would be obvious. :smile:

  6. oh my bad kim!
  7. See its all a matter of preference, I love the color pink and im not too fond of foresta. Plus I think it's a better deal. I cant pay over retail
  8. I agree-I would not pay over retail, so I would get the citta!!
  9. I have both a Citta Rosa BV and a Foresta BV... so I'm gonna say, get both! :yes:
  10. I agree!! I :heart::heart::heart: pink and foresta isn't my favorite print either. Go for the Citta if you can only pick one!
  11. hmm i would say foresta cuz i love the print and not too fond of pink but i love the scooter monkey there ;)

    You said that the citta rose is perfect & matches with the mesh and the foresta is just HTF...seems like you chose your answer already..dont get the foresta just because its HTF is all I say, you might regret not getting the perfect CR BV :biggrin:
  12. I love the foresta foresta!
  13. i am of no help lol... I say either... if u can find the print in another bag for cheaper that u still really like then get teh other? lol
  14. i say get both ... i have both of them too.

  15. Aw why not! Get BOTH!! LOL.. then you can switch off BVs! -I have both too.. i just used my CR BV today!