help! cigarette smoke smell on my chanel

  1. does anyone know how to remove cigarette smoke from my leather chanel. its caviar leather outside and inside is fabric. i tried febreeze on the fabric but dont know what to use for the leather. im afraid if i use febreeze on the leather, it will ruin it. i bought it on eBay and i forgot to ask if it came from a smoke free environment. pleaaaase help!!!!:cursing:
  2. I'm sure if you let it air out for a while, the smell will go away? I'm not sure how you would get the smell out of the leather any other way?
  3. what color is it?
  4. its black caviar
  5. Put a container of baking soda inside the bag and put the bag inside a plastic bag for 24 hours. Check it and if it's not gone, keep the purse inside the bag and check it periodically.

    it may take a little while to remove all the odor so be patient. Good luck!
  6. ^ITA, baking soda does wonders at absorbing odors. Also, just air the bag out and eventually the smell *should* go away, slowly but surely.
  7. If you can leave it outside for a few hours, that should help as well.
  8. eww!!!! Sorry to hear about that...hope theses suggestions work for you..I'm sure they will though..just be patient..!!!
  9. OK, that's good.. i asked because if it was white/pink.. this might not work as well... but what you need to do is crumple a bunch of newspaper in the Chanel and then wrap the Chanel in lots of newspaper and put it in a cardboard box. If you don't want to wrap the Chanel in newspaper, then just put tons of newspaper all around the bag barely touching it. Close the box and leave it overnight ... the newspaper + cardboard box should absorb the smell :smile: I don't know how but it works! :tup:
  10. thanks so much guys for the tips i really do appreciate it. im going to try all!!
  11. I have read a lot about this on other forums. One that I remember hearing that worked well was putting a dryer sheet (bounce) inside the bag, then putting the bag outside in the shade for a few hours?

    ITA with the baking soda thing too. Have heard reports that it works well.

    Good luck
  12. i would try hanging it where it can get a breeze---in front of a fan or outside, to air it out. If that doesn't work, baking soda for sure--just be careful not to spill any on your beautiful bag!