Help! Christmas 'Thank You' Card/Call Etiquette??

  1. So I sent my bf's parents a package of baked goods early for Christmas, and they totally loved it! His mom called to thank me (which was so sweet), but I guess it's kind of an unusual (to me, anyway) situation because I have never met them before, since my bf and I live in a different state from his parents. :sweatdrop:

    Today I came home to a beautiful box of family-recipe cookies from his mom, which was a complete surprise! Should I write another Christmas/Thank You card, just call them, do both, or some other thing that I've missed?

    I know I'm totally overthinking this, but I want to be on good terms with his parents (since they didn't really like his previous girlfriend, although, granted, the bf says she just wasn't a nice person). LOL should I just relax about the whole thing? :lol:

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  2. I would probably just call! Since she called to thank you, I think doing the same shows great respect! And it's obviously not out of place because she called you! It might help to develop some rapport with her as well.
    An even better her and thank her...and at Christmas, bring a tray of cookies you made using her recipe!
  3. :yes:... I agree! Go ahead, and call... don't worry, you'll be fine!
  4. Thanks twiggers and itsnicole! I'll definitely take your advice... LOL I just reread my own post and I can't believe how conflicted I was about this!
  5. I agree, this is the best thing to do!
  6. yes a phone call would be the best thing to do!