Help! Christmas shopping for mom!

Which Sunday Handbag Should I Get for Mom?!

  • Kate Spade Merrywood Rita

  • Fendi Mini Mamma Black Zucchino Canvas

  • Neither....I have a better suggestion. It is_________

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Jun 27, 2006
220 mom wants a cute little black bag for sunday/church use (basically a smaller bag that she doesn't need to stuff, unlike her daily handbag) and I can't make up my mind to save my life....

I narrowed it down to 2:

1) Kate spade Merrywood Rita from NM
2) Fendi Mini Mama Black Zucchino Canvas from Forzieri

I'm attaching pictures of both and a poll...I'm also open to suggestions if you have them.

On a side note, has anyone ordered from Forzieri before? How was your experience with them?



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Jun 27, 2006
aww you guys are sweet. So i think the Fendi is pretty much out of the question now. BUT I came across another bag, it's a burberry quilted hobo....

what do you guys think of this one in comparison to the kate and the fendi?!

Is kate spade even a cool bag to have any more??? I used to be a big fan of kate during the "sam" era...but now I'm partial to other brands and can probably only find one KS left in my closet....Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help ladies!