HELP! Christmas gift ideas for my girlfirend...

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  1. hello everyone... i am new on this forum, as i should be... I am a typical man, and don't understand bags. it's not that i haven't tried, trust me, i have, but we men are lacking the gene that allows us to learn womens bags. so i came here in hopes that i could find some advice.

    i would like to by my girlfriend a bag for christmas. can anyone recommend any hot bags right now? i would like to keep it at a max of $1000. this doesn't mean it HAS to cost that much, if i find the perfect bag for $300, then all that matters is that it's the perfect bag. but a grand is my absolute max as i need cash left to stuff the bag with goodies.

    any suggestions are welcome... all shapes and sizes. just your opinions on your favorite bags.

    thank you all so much in advance, i look forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. it all depends on what her style is... there are so many different bags out there. you could always let her pick her favorite

    here are some of my favorites

    fendi bag du jour- 965
    fendi shopper chef- 960
    louis vuitton speedy 30- 620
    louis vuitton petit noe- 750
    gucci wave hobo- 880

    these are all classic bags that wont be going out of style anytime soon
  3. missypoo - thanks, i'll take a look through that thread!

    lvuittonaddict - that's the problem... she has plenty of different styles depending on her mood. one day she's wear jeans, a button down and a blazer, the next day she'll be in a babydoll dress. she's always in heels... only heels, no sneakers ever for any reason. she keeps herself very well, and always looks clean. wears lots of jewlery too and loves loves loves gold! the only bag i've ever seen her use is her tan gucci monogram bag. does any of that help? haha
  4. Have you tried hinting what she would love to have w/o giving away you want to give her a bag for X-Mas? Be sneaky lol My hubby wouldn't have a clue what kind of puse I would like. It might be best just to have her pick one out. Just to be safe. Alot of us women are very picky on our purses lol...
  5. missypoo - haha... it's too close to christmas, and we've discussed gift giving too many times for her not to get it. she has no idea i am thinking of a bag at this point, and i would hate for her to guess it. the other problem is, if i ask her to pick it out, she'll never ever let me buy one. she's the only girl i've ever been with that genuinely won't let me buy her stuff. i have to force it on her. haha... the way i see it is if i end up with something that she doesn't love, i won't be offended if she wants to trade it in for another one. but i think i know her pretty well, and when i see the right bag i'll know it. it's just a matter of seeing the right bag, and there are so many to weed through
  6. def agree with missypoo. super picky.

    but if you want to keep it a total surprise i would probably go with a speedy 25 or 30. ive had both, but right now i have the 30. its a bit bigger and i can still wear it with anything.

    look on
  7. i was actually thinking of the epi line:tup: yes the 30 is available in different colors, on the louisvuitton website, it is available in black and red

    AND.... monogram free. lol
  8. It sounds like you girlfriend has a bit of a classic style, maybe preferring a "lady-like" bag, if that makes sense. I do think you need to think about shoulder v. handheld bag. Even if a loved a bag, I'd return it if I could not put it on my shoulder. I don't have a Rebecca Minkoff, but look at her She has some very nice bags, in classic shapes, that I think have a good bit of universal appeal. People love them here too. You can find them w/ a discount code too, usually to bring it down into the high 3's, mid 4's, depending on sales. Also, this may be just me, but I don't like cloth/fabric bags. Do you know if your g/f has a preference? That is important too.
  9. Oh yes! I love the Epi line, especially the red : ) I did have the Red Epi Speedy 25 and it was beautiful.
  10. elizat - thanks a lot. i was actually looking at the R.M. morning after bag... do we like that one? also, i am against purchasing a cloth or canvas bag this time around. i want it to be different than her everyday canvas monogram gucci. and you are absolutely right, she has a classic style, and would prefer a "lady like" bag to something chunky i think.

    missypoo - where did your epi go? i am wary of LV only because it seems so cliche. it seems like the obvious bag a man buys a woman because he doesn't know any better... if that makes sense...
  11. LOL I get what you're saying. I sold my Red Epi Speedy because it just didn't fit into my wardrobe. I'm strictly jeans/t-shirt gal. But I do own the LV Speedy 30 and I love that one. I just ordered five RM bags because they were having a sale. You will see alot of threads on her bags. I can't wait to get mine. There are alot of colors to choose from. I would probably reccommend getting the Morning After Mini : )
  12. Try and for some wonderful ideas
  13. ^^i think LV is the go to bag because its a classic, not because the man doesnt know any better.

    but i totally know where elizat is coming from with the shoulder issue. thats why i got a balenciaga first. it has the handles as well as a detachable strap. it is fun and trendy, yet it has become a staple in many womans collections.