Help, Christmas gift from special Grand Father

  1. Well... This may sound like a silly question but I need some help with it, My grandfather (who has been more of a father to me) asked me what I want for Christmas, He is 86 years old and Im afraid to say it but his age has definatly been catching up with him more and more lately, Now normally he gives me $100 or a gift card but this year I want something special from him, I dont know what but just something I will always have. I dont want to ask for something expensive but I was thinking some kind of jewlery or something... I dont know. He was an airline pilot so i thought maybe something to do with that.... or a piece of jewlery he could have inscribed or something. Im just at a total loss. Any ideas? I dont want to "ask" for something to expensive as its just something I want that he "gave" to me... Any ideas?
  2. My Grandma who's 84 atm, gave me one of my grandads rings for my birthday last year, I allways think about my grandparents whenever I see it (can't wear it as its too small :p) Ask for something that he's allready got that reminds you of him :smile:
  3. What about just telling him the latter part of what you said -- that you want something special that you will always have and think of him when you see it. That leaves it open for him to choose what that is, and one of the best parts will be having him explain to you why he chose it and what the meaning is. That said, I would fully expect him to potentially give you something he's always had - a photo or knick knack or something like that, so if you really want a piece of jewelry, this might not get you that. But if you do truly want a memento, I'd leave it to him to pick what that is.
  4. Maybe a airplane charm that you can have him get engraved with a special word to you. Then when you wear it you will feel he is always there. Did he have a special nickname for you when you were young? I also agree with the above post that there may be some special item he has that also has a story behind it and he can write the story to you.
    He sounds so sweet.
  5. How about having some photos of the two of you taken and a nice frame???
  6. this may seem random
    but how about a locket??