HELP! Christmas Gift for my Sister

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Which Handbag?

  1. Medium Black Leather Carly

  2. Ergo Belted Leather Hobo in Black

  3. Other

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  1. Hi, my sister is a new mom, and she works like a demon. She is currently using a beat up old Coach bowler that I gave up on years ago (Coach sent it back to me as a could not repair.) Her husband says that she would like a new handbag and does comment on them in magazines, but has no idea which ones. I want to get her one that will go with almost everything, is suitable for a mom with an up & coming toddler, a new exec for meetings and will last her a long time. So I'm thinking a lovely Coach bag. And with my PCE card it's like the stars have aligned.

    So Black Medium Carly Or Black Fancy Ergo Hobo Or Other and Why?
  2. I voted for 'other'. How about a tote of some sort. You mentions he is a new mom. A nice tote would allow her to transport some baby things yet use the bag for herself as well when she's not doing the mom thing. Kind of multipurpose.

    Perhaps a Gallery Tote or Signature Stripe Tote?
  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention that she currently has a green canvas with white leather Coach tote for baby stuff that she uses in addition to the beat up bowler. I'm really trying to replace her work bag. She's a chef that's moved out of the kitchen last year into catering and events. So she's asking for work clothes. We're all trying to help out & get her stuff so she can feel more comfortable in her new position.
  4. Well for a work bag I think either would be great, but I voted for the Carly just because I think it may be easier to get in/out of and fit a bit more. What a nice sister!!!!! :yes:
  5. I have two Carlys and I love them both. I think the large Carly makes a great work bag.
    Looking on the website though, I think the Ergo magazine tote would make a fantastic and professional bag for work, while still being comfortable. Maybe you should try that one!
  6. I also voted other. I think this bag is excellent for a new mom and a business women. Its the hamptons carryall. Just a great all around bag.

  7. It would be my choice too, the other.
    The hamptons carryall is very beautiful.:yes:
  8. The belted ergo hobo is classy and roomy, perfect for work. I'd get the large size, though. Then she can carry baby stuff if she needs to.
  9. I hadn't thought of the hamptons - do you guys like the signature or leather version?
  10. Leather repels baby messes better than the Signature, but the Signature is very stylish too. If you get the Signature, be sure to buy some Coach Fabric Cleaner to go with it.
  11. I agree with the Hamptons Carryall as well. Very classic and professional but not too stuff that it cant be used by a mom on the weekends. And my choice would definitely be leather.
  12. Any young Coach lovin' moms using the Hamptons out there?
  13. I say belted leather ergo in black. I think it's beautiful and would look very professional for work. I agree with Candace that the large size would probably be best. For me personally, I would want a bag that could easily be thrown over my shoulder while lugging baby things and work things around. It seems to me the Hamptons wouldn't do it for me. JMO.
  14. I voted for the Black Leather Carly. If she is going to use it very often then I highly recommend the Black Leather. Black matches with a lot of things so she might get much more use out of it.
  15. I'm saying leather hamptons carryall. It's good for all times of the day, it looks classy no matter what. It can worn on the shoulder or on the arm. And I bet she's wearing black and white, so go with black or a neutral.