Help!Christian Louboutin ginghams where to get these?

  1. Anyone know where I can get these Christian Louboutin ginghams in pink in size 5?:yes:

    I've checked everywhere need some help please!!
  2. LOVE those shoes.
  3. I ordered mine in red gingham from Saks. Now they just have navy. They fit true to size and only come in full sizes. Just a heads up...the sling in back sits really low. I found this really annoying, because the sling didn't really come over the ball of the heel and hold securely in the indent. As much as I think these are absolutely the mot adorable shoes, I returned them for that reason. Nearly brought me to tears. I hope they work for you.:crybaby:

  4. ^Oh no. You could have purchased some adhesives for the inside of the shoe that help them stick on your foot.
  5. those are adorable! then again i love anything pink. lol.
  6. So cute.
  7. yep, love them in the pink. I too bought the red gingham but havent had a chance to wear them yet, I hope mine fit ok
  8. nice shoes, id luv to get them too
  9. Cute shoes
  10. I saw those in gold :smile: They're very cute.