Help Chose A Color!!

  1. I'm PRETTY SURE I'm getting this bag and scarf, wallet, etc. for Christmas. I've been a good girl!!
    I'm trying to recreate this look....
    Sadly, I cannot find the scarf ANYWHERE! But I do have this coming (I think):​
    So, I'm planning on putting it on my bag in a bow like above. I was told I needed to pick somethings for my stocking and was thinking of getting a charm to go on my bag. Which do you think would look the best?​
    [​IMG] Bottle Green/Grass


    [​IMG] Ink/Turquoise​
  2. I can't see the first picture... but I think the ink/turquois will look best with the scarf!! :tup:
  3. i agree, ink/turquoise will complement the scarf better & blend better with outfits. the grass color might stand out but also clash with other colors.

    hope you get all the coach you want for christmas ;)
  4. I can't see the 1st pic either but I, too, think the ink/turquoise would look best with the scarf! Good luck with recreating the look! Would love to see a pic of your finished product!
  5. ink/turquoise for me too..:yes:
  6. Me 3!
  7. It depends, what color is your bag ?
  8. another vote for the ink/turquoise!
  9. ink/turquoise but would love to see the first pic! :tup:
  10. wow, I think the turquise would "pop" more on that color. HAve you considered the heart luggage charm ? that would look cute with that scarf too !
  11. ink/turquoise
  12. fooey, can't see the bag in TAN. but i do love the ink/turquoise!