Help choosing wine for a beginner..


Mar 5, 2014
San Diego CA
Hey guys.. So I want to get into drinking wine. I'll do moscatos.. Mostly because I like the carbonation. Any suggestions on a red wine?? Would like to drink something sweet and yummy to unwind and relax.. Any suggestions?? I don't drink wine so please help :smile:
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Feb 21, 2013
I'm not a mod or anything but you might have better luck posting this question in "The Kitchen" forum which is all about food! Btw - I love Moscato too, it's my fav! Maybe you'd like Sangria for a red wine drink? Hope I could help :biggrin:


Mar 29, 2006
If you plan to use wine in order to get a sweet fizzy drink, that's not really "drinking wine." Wine as a mixing ingredient is a very marginal use of it. But of course, it depends on what you're really after.

If you do want to learn about wine itself, start by going to wine tastings held at stores that sell wine. They'll give you examples of different types and can answer questions about the grapes, guide you to think about the flavors you're experiencing, etc. Best of all is to have a friend who knows wines teach you. It's a fun process.:smile: