Help choosing next bag

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  1. So my DH just called and said he is having a lucky trip in Vegas, so he said I can call and order a LV bag, he just doesn't want to walk to the store. He already got me the Portabello to make up for the trip, so I don't want to push my luck too much by going crazy. But I have my eyes on the Infini Lumi PM and the Avalon zipped (in either color to match my LE rayures wallet). I just started collecting in February. What do you guys think? Or is there another bag that would complement my collection better?

    My current collection is:
    Mono Galliera PM
    Mono Favorite MM
    DE Portabello GM
    Aube empreinte artsy MM
    Kusama blue speedy
    Kusama blue cosmetic
    Mono pochette
    Vernis rayures Sarah wallet (amarante/rouge Fauviste)
    Mono Eugenie wallet
  2. You have a beautiful collection. I would normally say Lumi but enjoy your empreinte artsy!!

    I think a beautiful Avalon in Vernis would be fabulous!!!
  3. Wow! You have a great LV collection and such a sweet DH....I would pick the Infini Lumi PM over the Avalon.....
  4. Since you just got a canvas bag I think you should go for a leather bag. I would go for the Lumi or a non LV bag like PS1 or Chanel.
  5. I must be totally out of it, what is a PS1?
  6. Another vote for lumi...
  7. I'd go with the Lumi. :smile:
  8. If Chanel is the picture - I would go that route.

    Of the two you suggested, it's a tough one. They are very different. I really like the Avalon. Do you like any of the epi bags. I'd vote for an Epi Speedy in some amazing color. I just got the Brea in epi electric. That would be my vote but I am a little biased. However, I noticed that you don't have a black bag in your LV collection! It's easy to do and I kind of fell into the same pattern. I got the Madeleine GM early on for work as most of my suits are black. But it is such a business looking bag that I rarely carried it otherwise. So my suggestion is looking into black bags - brea or alma especially.
  9. Go with the Lumi! Trust me on this one. I have it in Ombre and it is to die for!
  10. image-1595957900.jpg

    I sent my DH a list of 4 bags (the ones in the pic) that i would like and told him he could pick. The SA helping him at Crystals mall in Las Vegas said they didn't have the Lumi in pm in infini, only GM. He won' tell me which one he bought so I have to wait until tonight when he gets home to find out!! So excited!!
  11. Lumi!!!!!!!!