Help choosing new stroller

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  1. Looking to upgrade from my travel system and considering:
    Britax B Agile
    Baby Jogger City Mini GT
    Mountain Buggy Swift

    Leaning towards the Britax because of the smaller size and weight but I am worried about the EVA tires ( vs air tires on the other 2). Will be used for mostly city but also some light trail / gravel walking. Anyone have the Britax and can comment on the wheels. TIA!
  2. I'm honestly not sure what the wheels are made of on the B-Ready, but I think they are the same or similar to the B-Agile. We've had the B-Ready for about a year & a half, and I haven't had any problems with the wheels. It goes on any terrain (grass, concrete, gravel, etc) and I can push it with ease. I've taken it to parks, the zoo, anywhere we go really... and I have to ramp it on & off curbs regularly. :P It is our main stroller and I haven't found anything yet that I felt was too challenging for it.
  3. Just FYI, the tires on the GT are foam as well. :smile:

    ...Let's just say after 15 strollers (and one child), we have the GT and I've stopped stroller shopping. I can easily use by myself getting off and on a bus with kid and diaper bag in tow. We use it the most at Disneyland with no problems.
  4. Really??? Did they maybe change the tires on the 2012....all the info I read say forever air rubber tires?
  5. The GT was released this year. They're not EVA, but they are foam-filled.
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    Oh I see...I just re read and they put rubber around the foam tire correct? Are the tires soft with give or hard plastic like?

    Eta: sorry another question - does the GT have shocks? Thanks!
  7. They're hard with give. They're not like the regular city mini's tires.

    Yes, there's suspension in it. It's a pretty smooth ride. And I've tried almost everything out there lol
  8. I don't have any of the ones you listed but I know a lot of people with the City Mini and a few with the GT. You see those strollers everywhere so I think that is saying something. I would go with the City Mini GT. I have a Bumbleride Indie (which I LOVE) but I am so jealous of the size of the City Mini canpoy, it covers sooo well!
  9. We have the 2011 City Mini (not the GT - I don't know what that is) and LOVE it! Couldn't ask for an easier, lighter stroller that's durable and so easy to fold/unfold/carry all with one hand.

    As LoveMyBulldogs said, the canopy on the City Mini is HUGE and where I live, we need as much sun protection as possible. That and the ease/lightweight features of the City Mini decided it for me.
  10. Now I am considering getting a stroller with a reversible seat or handle cause my dd loves to look at me and talk (she's only 5 months so that might change as she gets older). Argghhh I'm so overwhelmed by all the choices and price point!

    Eta: I can't believe how wide some strollers are, how can you maneuver these beasts in shops?
  11. I've had the Bugaboo Bee+, which was pretty good, except I felt DS was too close to the ground. I wouldn't recommend it for trails/gravel though. I had a hard time getting it over driveway curbs. lol but that's just me

    I've also had the Bumbleride Flyer...nice stroller, but the flipping handle wasn't as great as I thought it'd be. Also wouldn't recommend that for trails/gravel.

    Let's see...what else...I did have an Uppababy Vista, which is on the wide side. LOVED the stroller, wheels are nice, but, overall, just too big for our uses after awhile. They do have the Cruz, which I didn't try, but is basically a compact Vista. The thing about Vistas (which I'm assuming could be a prob in the Cruz) is that the frame was just rattly. Now I didn't mind it, but for some, it could get annoying.

    I've also had a Stokke, which was FAB and I wish I had picked it up sooner, but it wasn't very practical for my life after awhile.

    Um...I have tried a Mamas&Papas Urbo. Too heavy of a push (I'm a push snob).

    If you want a Baby Jogger, there's their Versa stroller as well. I like that better than the City Select. :smile: Unless you're having another kid anytime soon. :smile:

    ABC Expo is going on right now, there could be even MORE strollers that are being released as I type...just to add to your confusion and consideration.
  12. Love my bee plus and i used it from day 1, can be mummy facing and the other way round
  13. I always had Bugaboo and Maclaren. Now after 6 years i'm pregnant again and looking for a nice stroller. My friend in Germany told me about the Joolz. It's from the Netherlands and looks really nice. Does anybody know this stroller? I've never seen it here in California and was wondering if it's possible to buy it here? :smile:
  14. I have the B-Ready and LOVE it! Fits everywhere and so easy to use and my son loves it. He's never complained being in it. I've used it on all different terrains and the wheels have held up great.
  15. Thanks for all the responses! I wish I could custom build my own stroller (yes have checked out teutonia) as none seems to be exactly what I want - all terrain yet lightweight, 3 wheels, reversible seat or handle, narrow wheel base and all that for a reasonable price....dream on right lol!

    eta: think I really want the GT but on sale ;) or may just get a cheap baby trend jogger