Help choosing new coach satchel

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  1. Good Morning Everyone,
    I am in the market for a new bag, I was looking through the coach website and these 3 bags caught my eye.




    My question is which one would you choose and if anyone has these bags and can share their experiences with them? I am kind of leaning towards the metallic gold/silver but not really sure how metallic bags hold up. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. The Juliettes are a new style, and haven't really been out long enough to show any real evidence of wear. Metallic bags in general tend to be more delicate in nature.

    The Sophia style is rumoured to be discontinued soon. If the bag really appeals to you, I would get that one.
  3. The Juliette is gorgeous IRL, but I found it more silver than the bronze color it's listed as...still beautiful tho and the lining on it really pops . Even tho Sophia is small its a very nice bag and you could maybe find one at the outlet right now for a great price.
  4. I like #2.
  5. I vote for the pleated Juliette.
  6. I stopped into coach on my lunch break and the metallic is to die for it was love at first sight. I am definitely adding this to my collection on thursday, i can hardly wait.
  7. I like the 2nd one the best.
  8. The 2nd one! It is Beautiful. I have always wanted a metallic bag.
  9. I vote for the first one! love it! :tup: I love the rich brown color and the pleats!
  10. I vote for #3, maybe I am still in the process of trying to like the shape of the Juliette. They look more like Sabrina, I have both and if you are thinking of carrying it as a satchel, Sophia's zipper is easier to open. But I'm loving the color of the metallic on the Juliette!! :love:

  11. I can't decide between the metallic Juliette or the gathered Sophia.
  12. I would go for the mushroom gathered Sophia :smile: its a great neutral taupey kindof gray brown. The lining is pink :smile: :smile:
    I've heard a lot of stories about metallics rubbing off and leaving ugly spots
  13. All of your choices are great but I'd definitely choose the GATHERED!!! It's amazingly beautiful!
  14. gathered is timeless piece IMO :smile: