Help choosing my first Proenza bag

  1. Hello ladies! I'm looking for a little guidance in choosing my first PS bag :biggrin: I used to be a die hard LV girl but with the exeption of my speedy which I still love they just aren't "doing it" for me anymore. I'm really crushing on the look of the PS bags and I'd like to make that my next investment.

    I prefer a crossbody style so I'm debating between the Pouch & the Chain Wallet. I normally carry a very small cross body so I think the pouch would hold more than I'm used to & the chain wallet would be about the same since I wouldn't need a wallet. I like the look of the pouch better, but I like that the chain wallet could also be used as a clutch, making it more versatile. Does anybody have (or have tried on) both for comparison? Opinions welcome!!
  2. Hi, I only have the Pouch but I see the Pouch as more casual and could be carried with a thick winter coat while the Chain Wallet could be more for the warmer season. It's just a thought I had..