Help choosing my first Balenciaga

  1. :smile: Dear fellow Bbag experts, I am thinking of getting a bag for my birthday. I browsed through and saw the city and the first. I am in love but cannot decide which is the right one for me. Which style do you prefer and why? As for colors, I am thinking about the ocean or steel. Any suggestions would be great. TIA for all your help.

    I almost forgot, when I was reading the description on Diabro, it said that the first is made of goat leather and the city is made of kid leather. Is there a big difference between the two? I generally prefer leather that is smooshy and soft and not too thin.

  2. Hi qq, I am the same as you, want to decide a first B-bag, I have the same questions as you, can I join you to wait for others?:wlae::tup::p
  3. There are several threads about this in the main Bal forum. Both bags are made from the same leather, so the main difference is the size (the first is fairly small). Good luck!