Help Choosing My First AW - Rockie

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  1. I have been lurking in the AW thread and have been reading and looking at everyone's fabulous AW bags. I decided that I am finally going to take the plunge and get myself a AW bag. I know a lot of the threads mention color transfer on light-colored bags, but I can't help it. I am attracted to both of these. I just don't know which one to get, since I will only get one. The Rockie in White has the Iridescent studs while the Mercury Light Blue has the Yellow Gold studs. I haven't seen them in person (not sure if their are any local NM that have them or I have to order online). Any help or opinions on either choices are much appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. I love the light blue one!
  3. The white one is beautiful plus iridescent studs are a win. Also have you seen the new lighter ones? He came out with a baby pink, mint and there is also a light tan color called latte.
  4. I like the white one just because I feel like it'll go with more, but they're both beautiful. If you're worried about color transfer, I've found that the Mr. Clean magic erasers work really well for removal. Might wanna invest in a pack of those if you get the white one ;)
  5. I like the light blue one, though both are very pretty. I actually think the light blue might be more practical because the iridescent would be difficult (at least for me) to pair with my wardrobe.
  6. I know. This is what is making my decision so hard. I initially saw the white one and that was the one I must have, but then I saw the blue and like this too.
  7. I have always wanted a white bag but haven't came across one worth buying. This one with the iridescent seems fun and different. I am just a bit hesitant on getting a white bag, which is why I'm having a hard time deciding.

  8. If you have always wanted a white bag I think you should definitely get one. The iridescent hardware sets it apart from a regular white bag. 😃
  9. Ooooh, I already have magic erasers so I guess I'm prepared already :smile:. The white color just screams clean spring/summer fun and the iridescent studs add an unique touch. But that blue is a beauty too. *sigh*. Thanks for your input.
  10. That is my rationale for maybe going for the blue, because it's more practical. I don't plan to purchase until next Month so I have some time to think a bit :smile:
  11. I love the rockie bag brilliant every day bag I am actually waiting for mine to arrive I am getting a black plain leather bag with iridescent hardware and studs I loved it the 1st time I saw it brilliant all year round bag beautiful and spacious.

    I love the blue one x
  12. I am loving all of the softer colors for spring especially the pink. Perfect marriage of feminine/masculine.

  13. The pink is really beautiful perfect as a spring bag.
  14. I don't think you could go wrong with either! Both beautiful and the Rockie is an awesome size.
  15. The white/iridescent stud is a beauty! I find that seasonal colors AW rockie/rocco bags, usually will go on sale after 3-4 months of it's release date. If you can wait, you might be able to save yourself a few hundred bucks? Just a tip. ;)