Help Choosing Love Bracelet Color

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  1. :smile: thank you!
  2. Gorgeous love the rose ! Good choice
  3. Also wondering if I should go up a size. I have a 17 and tried on the 18 but it was much more loose (came down to my hand) the 17 seems fine just worried about summer months ... does it change that much that it would be uncomfortable?
  4. Thank you
  5. It does change during the summer months just a little bit more swelling I have a juc and love on one wrist in a 15 and 16 and the other wrist I have a thin juc and thin love in a 16 and 17. My left wrist is a tad smaller than my right but I do prefer the 16 juc and 17 love for better than the 15 juc and 16 love. I regret not getting the size a little bigger however it still looks great. I’m planing on adding a Rolex to my left wrist so the smaller size makes sense now because it won’t be banging against the watch as much as the slightly bigger would. But I would make sure you get the correct size going by your juc it should be one size up from your juc so they can sit flush against each other hope this helps :smile:
  6. Thank you for the reply, I think that’s not so great of a photo... here’s a better one of how they sit ... and then alone ... (don’t mind the scar on my wrist) -_-

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  7. Looks amazing on you congratulations :flowers:
  8. Looks wonderful as is. I think if you got one in a different metal it would look mismatched, best to keep them all the same pink gold IMO.