Help Choosing Love Bracelet Color

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  1. Hi!

    I'm hoping to purchase a Love Bracelet soon and wondering which color I should get. I have a white (with silver detailing) Chanel J12 watch and wondering if I went with yellow gold or rose gold it would clash? I plan to wear the bracelet on the opposite wrist as my watch so not sure it would matter but just curious.
  2. Either color would be pretty. It really comes down to which color you prefer. Yellow gold is such a classic and staple while rose gold was very popular around the 1900's and is having a resurgence again for the past several years. Buy whatever the heck you love the best! There is no such thing as "clashing". If you love it then wear it.
  3. I was debating the same thing when buying mine. My SA was suggesting, and I was seriously considering the RG because of how well it went with my color/complexion, but after looking at both the YG and RG on my arm for a while we were both second guessing. 3+ years later - I'm very glad that I went with the YG because of how classic it i,s and because I like to stack it now with smaller bracelets from my travels or gifts, and it's much easier to find a YG bracelet to pair with it than a RG that would match Cartier's color. :smile:
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  4. I think you made the right decision.
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  5. Before going to Cartier, I was set on buying the YG, but when I tried it on, the YG did not look good on my skin. The RG looked much better so ended up getting that one you just have to see which colour looks better on you.

    Btw - not sure if it's true or not, but a few Cartier sales people have told me rose gold is Cartier's signature metal colour so I liked that too.
  6. I went with the RG because it somehow blended with my skin better. the YG made it look like i had Hepatitis. Best to try it on.
  7. I love YG, but it really depends on your skin tone. I love RG, but it looks so bad on me. I don't think any is wrong with what you want to wear it with, but go and try it on and have fun! :smile:
  8. The bracelet will also turn if you get the RG. I love the RG because on my skin tone it turns to a very subtle pale yellow gold over time and I love that. It is still obviously RG vs YG, but it has this subtle yellow gold hue to it now.
  9. This is such a tough question. I'm having this dilemma in my jewelry selection from Tiffany. I don't know what to choose.

    A part of me wants to start building a YG collection since most of my jewelry is platinum. Yet RG looks so good on, but I always worry that it'll just be a fad and that YG would be a more long lasting choice.
  10. If you don't know get the yellow gold, it is classic and you don't have to worry about it changing color hues like the RG or the WG.
  11. On second thought, I think Cartier love bracelet in gold is so classic. I love RG but can't quite get over the fact that it changes color over time.
  12. Depends on the jewelry you wear and if you're a matchy matchy type of person.
    If your watch has silver details, I'd get the silver Love bracelet instead.
    I do like mixing WG/YG/RG but only if the watch is also in one of those color combinations.
    So a white/silver watch combined with a RG and YG would be a no no for me but that doesn't matter.
    You should get what you like and what looks better on you :smile:
  13. My vote is for wg, Im a guy wearing wg love bracelet.. on my other wrist i have a stainless steel watch.

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  14. Is this too much pink gold? Just received my love bracelet to match my ring and juste wondering if maybe I should have went gold? Thoughts?

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  15. I think it’s beautiful as is [emoji253]