HELP choosing ctw for Tiffany DBTY!

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  1. I'm choosing between the .30 and .37 ctw for a yg DBTY and am in desperate need of help! The specs for the two seem so different that I'm not sure what would be a better pick.

    Online it says that the .37 is a color I, VVS2, while the .30 is a color E, VS2. I'm not sure whether color or clarity is more important with a diamond this size.

    I'm wondering if I should go down to a .25 to get "safer" specs (F, VVS2), or even the .29 is a G, VS1 which sounds more balanced... I wish I could go up to the .40 but I think hubby might say I'm pushing it :P

    I know next to nothing about diamonds so ANY kind of help or advice would be really appreciated!
  2. I think I color grade for a diamond this size is not good, while you won't see any difference between VVS2 and VS1. I'd better go for .30 with F color and VS2, it has to be sparkly and nice!
    Btw I think .30 is a really nice size for DBTY, normally Tiffany's diamonds are cut to look a bit bigger.
  3. It depends on how well the diamond is cut. I can tell you I have a 1.6 carat I VVS1 diamond in my engagement ring and it is one of the brightest diamonds I have ever seen. There is no hint of color, especially face up. It is also an AGS Ideal stone. If it is well cut, I think the I would be fine.
  4. Purchase the largest stone you can afford with the best quality. Don't buy what they offer online. Call the store tell them how much you want to spend and they will give you all the options.
  5. I have several diamonds that are G color and they face-up white. Cut is the most important part!
  6. Is there any paperwork on the plots or angles for these stones? If not, I'd probably go G-H VS1. No need for a VVS and I don't think paying for a higher color is worth it for a necklace.
  7. Thanks everyone!

    Ame, I think you're right; a high color wouldn't make a huge difference, esp. in such a small stone.

    I don't have a Tiffany's nearby but went to another jeweler today and saw some Roberto Coin bezel set pendants to get a better idea of the sizes. Pretty confident the .37 is bigger than what I'm looking for so I've narrowed it down to either the .25 (F, VVS2), or the .29 (G, VS1). For whatever reason, there's a $600 price jump between the .29 and .30 even though the specs are similar - maybe cause the color is an E? Don't think it's worth the price difference.

    I've heard that Tiffany's DBTY tend to look larger, but do you think the .29 will be noticeably larger than the .25? Part of me thinks how much larger can .04 ct be, but don't want to regret not spending an extra $50....

    THANK YOU for all the advice so far!!!!!
  8. Most likely. That and you are hitting an "even mark" meaning you're hitting .30 even vs .29.

    But there is a definite cost implication between each color grade that is larger than the clarity grade adjustment. I think the .29 is a good size and color/clarity mix. I don't think it's worth paying, even that small amount, for the color and clarity adjustment. Though, sizewise 4 points is not visually different enough in actual diameter to worry about. Only you can make that choice. I don't think you're going to be disappointed with either, frankly.
  9. Thanks so much Ame!

    I bit the bullet and ordered the .25ct. I figure if it's too small then I'm going to need to go larger than .29 for there to be a noticeable effect, so we'll see how the .25 turns out!
    I'm so excited! This is my first diamond purchase from Tiffany's :smile:
  10. Can't wait top see it! If you felt the .37 was too big, this is going to be great, I think.
  11. I need help selecting a diamond necklace. I have been pining for a DBTY for a few years now, and finally m getting things going. I can't decide whether to get a 5 station DBTY, or go for the DBTY solitaire first. I was also considering having my own .33 ct diamond set by Brian Gavin in a DBTY setting, which looks just like tiffany's, and I have worked with them before -- their workmanship is stunning. If I do that, I may be abet to swing the Tiffany's 5 station necklace at the same time. The only concern I have is the size. I tried a .31 DBTY in the store, and I swear , that puppy looked way bigger than my loose .33 ct . How can that be? I have heard people say that Tiffany's diamonds n their DBTY collection are cut more shallow, allowing for a bigger table for any given carat weight. Has anyone heard anything about this? At one store, the associate actually confirmed it, but when I called their 800 number, the lady said that all their diamonds are cut to the same specs, allowing for the most optimal shine and sparkle. Can Somebody help me with this?
    Another question. Is bigger necessarily better when it comes to station DBTY? I originally wanted to get something like 1.25 tcw, but I started thinking it might look overdone. After all , DBTY idea is all about dainty. Any thoughts?
  12. I hate to see a hijack of someone else's thread, though yours is somewhat relevant here.

    If you have a well cut stone you'd like bezelled, BGD would be a good one to go with for that. They do a nice job bezelling stones in this design. I have found that Tiffany does not have the best cut stones in overall as an average, that's not their main priority in selecting the stones they sell. They have some in their stock, it's just not the majority of their stock. They choose their stones more for color and clarity and general saleability vs selecting for superior cut quality. But in the DBTY line, they definitely select shallower stones, in part for the design to avoid culet stabbiness, and in part for spread and brightness. They're obviously going to tell you the best marketing line to make you feel that their product is somehow better than anyone else's and make their sale. What jeweler wouldn't?

    I don't think bigger is better in this design, be it single station or multi station. The look is intended to be dainty, so I tend to think 10-20 points per stone is ideal.
  13. Thank you so much for your reply!! And I do apologize if it looks like I high jacked a thread. I am new to the blog, do not know how to navigate it to get the info I need 😒
    I am not allowed to start my own thread as if yet, so I am sorry for stepping on others' feet 😓
    On the positive side, your comment was very helpful. So, if Tiffany's necklace is 5 stations if , say .10, what does that translate into at a regular jewelry store? Is it possible to get a more shallow cut diamond elsewhere ?
  14. Yes, but I'd rather get a well cut stone than a shallow cut stone.

    5 stations of 10 pointers is .50 ctw (1/2ct total).