Help choosing color for birkin!!!

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  1. Hi!

    If you were to choose the following colors for birkin, which would be your choice and why?

    1. B30 blue glacier ghw epsom
    2. B30 blue paon ghw epsom
    3. B30 anemone ghw togo

    I am deciding which color to get next. All are nice colors and i cannot decide. I hope your answer cab help me make a decision. Thanks!
  2. B30 anemone ghw togo without a doubt!
  3. +1 :woohoo:
  4. Me too!
  5. me4
  6. Anemone fa sho! :tup:
  7. Anemone because I would never purchase a bag in Epsom.
  8. Anemone ftw.
  9. Anemone, for sure!
  10. Anamone in togo ghw.... I would RUN and get it
  11. Another vote for Anemone. I prefer togo, bleu glacier too light and delicate, not a fan of paon!
  12. I'm gonna be the odd one here. I pick blue glacier but it really depends on the colours that you already have and your wardrobe. i have a blue glacier with ghw togo. its amazingly beautiful, looks grey and blue depending on the lighting and the twilly.

    anemone is a beautiful colour but for me it doesn't really match my clothing. it's too bright for me. I feel the bag is wearing me instead of me wearing the bag.

    good luck deciding.
  13. anemone ghw!!!!
  14. Anemone !️
  15. Forget bout 1 and 2
    Run for nos3333333333333