HELP! Choosing between Aileen or Ginny Bag

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  1. Hi ladies! Hoping I can get some input. Wanting to purchase either an Aileen bag, or a Ginny bag. I’m eyeing three on the Real Real right now (pics below). Which do you like? I am leaning toward the red Aileen bag...

    I am a busy mom with a toddler (and baby on the way), so I’m looking for something practical, and that can be easy to carry everyday. I LOVE the vara design, but feel like the Aileen may be a better choice. What do y’all think?


  2. All 3 are lovely bags. Here is some input: The Aileen in picture 1 looks like it has an east-west configuration, which depending on your body type might protrude too much when shoulder carried. The Vara is dressier than the other 2. I don’t like chain straps for everyday wear, but that is just a personal preference. Is the red Aileen bag the same as the first Aileen? It appears to have a more north-south configuration. I assume the strap length is adjustable?
    Good luck with your choice.
  3. I have the Aileen, both the shorter one and the taller one, and I love them both. Fit more than you might think. :smile: For me, the Vara is a little dressier.
  4. Ended up buying two—the red Aileen and the Vara bag. I couldn’t decide between the two styles, but I did prefer the red Aileen’s construction more than the camel Aileen’s construction. Feeling a little crazy to go for two colorful bags, but I usually just wear neutral bags, so these should be fun! The vara will most likely NOT be my day to day bag.
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  5. Just received my Aileen :smile:. It’s gorgeous. I’m SO impressed by the craftsmanship. This is my first Ferragamo, and wow...the leather is so incredible.

    Anyhow, can someone who owns this bag tell me how to adjust the strap? I’m feeling like a dummy over here. I can’t figure out how to adjust the bag to fit as a crossbody!

  6. What a beauty!
    Unsnap the strap on the left hand side (as I’m looking at the picture), then just slide it. I think it’s either long or short, no in between. Sorry, not sure that helps - I can take a pic of mine when I get home. :smile:
  7. It did! Total pregnancy brain on my part . How has your bag held up over the years? Have you had any issues with color transfer? I didn’t realize how delicate and fine the leather is. It makes me adore the bag even more!
  8. Oh good! I haven't had mine for very long, but it's holding up well. I do try to be careful with it because it's a smooth leather, but scratches and scuffs are inevitable! I love that it's lined in leather. :smile: The best thing is that Ferragamo is one of the last designer brands to really stand behind their products, without charging you. After a while, if it's really scuffed, you can bring it to a boutique and then will send it out for cleaning - it's just wonderful!
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  9. Just received the Ginny bag today. Again, very pleased with the quality of the bag. Funnily, I foresee myself using this bag more when I’m with my son than the Aileen bag, only because the saffiano feels more durable. But, I do prefer the Aileen (slightly) over the ginny - it’s just a bit more luxurious.

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  10. Wow, I didn’t know that Ferragamo had such great customer service! I will have to utilize that in the future. It seems like Ferragamo is all around a top notch company. Up until now, I’ve only owned their shoes, so the handbags are really new to me. Can’t say that I’m disappointed!
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