Help Choosing an MAMM

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Which Color for a Neutral MAMM?

  1. Black

  2. Almond

  3. Hold out for Burgundy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I was able to play with an MAMM at a local department store today... Excuse the blurriness in the first pic...I was sneaking around the SA who was just on the other side of the mirror!! :nuts:

    I suppose I should've used to the coral one since it would've shown up better against my black shirt but I'm not really into coral.


    So these are my options if I choose to proceed. I can get the black. I can have Almond transferred to my store for me. Or I can hold out for Burgundy (I don't even know if it exists but I hope it will :P).

    Which color would you choose for being the most neutral? Also for those of you that own the Almond have you had any issues with color transfer from jeans?

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  2. I have black and just love it. Getting my vote:smile: PS Looks great on you!
  3. I love burgundy and am itching for it in a MAMM. {Let's SO if they aren't putting one out as a regular order! lol}. I wear a lot of dark colors and the burgundy seems to be a great neutral but add a pop of color.

    I really like the MAMM in black, especially with the long tassles. The one you are modeling has the shorter tassles and the side pockets?
  4. The MAMM looks great on you knasarae!

    I think for a good neutral you should get Almond. It's gorgeous IRL! I adore my Almond MM. I haven't had any color transfer from my almond or leather issues. The leather is so soft and smooshy too!
  5. My vote is for any one that has the side pockets! As much as I love some of the newer colors, I absolutely can not get past the fact that they no longer have the side pockets. Those pockets help make the bag IMO. :yes:
  6. ohhh the black looks so cute on you!! i voted almond but after seeing that pic i think i want to change my vote to black!
  7. No matter what color you choose, it's definitely going to look great on you!!:tup: I voted for Almond though because I just love that shade and think it will be a great neutral for you.
  8. BLACK BLACK BLACK!!! :woohoo: Love the way you're rockin' it
  9. You guys aren't making it easy for me....seems like it's almost even between Black and Almond!!! At first I thought I wanted Almond but after playing around with it and looking at my pics I think Black or Burgundy (a darker color) might be the better neutral. *Sigh* I just don't know. More votes please!!
  10. :thinking: get black and almond both!
  11. I thought about it....but I am also investigating if there will be an Olive MAC. :drool:
  12. the black looks really good on you! but i *love* almond! almond is such a versatile color too.
  13. I would get almond!
  14. I am so torn between almond and black! But yay for being able to have the Almond option! I thought this was discontinued too.
    The black looks SO GOOD on you in the pictures. Does it have silver HW or gold? The side zipper sort of looks silver in the middle pic.
    Hmm I have the Almond but I have her put away until I recieve my "Loving My Bag" leather protection.. and after getting it I seriously am wondering if I should've got black instead. But only because I've managed to get a few marks on the handles and on the bag itself, its one that seems to scratch easy.

    Okay I think I have to go with the Almond, it's a harder to find colour and should you change your mind down the road, it seems easier to find/get the MAMM in black than vice versa.
  15. If you really can't decide, can't you get the Almond transfered to the store anyway and then have both in front of you to pick from? Or would that just make it harder? :P