Help choosing a scarf


Purse Addict
Feb 7, 2007
Hi All,

I would like to purchase an H scarf for my future mother in law as a wedding gift, but have no idea where to start. I have never bought anything H before, and would really appreciate it if you ladies could give me some suggestions.

I think I would like to go with something with an orange tone because I see that color a lot in her wardrobe. What are some of the classic orange scarves?

Do H stores only carry what's shown online? Or could I ask for more classic styles from previous seasons? Do I need to call in advance to see if they have it in stock? Or could they order it for me? Or should I simply order from the H website? (I think closest stores are Costa Mesa or Beverly Hills for me.)

Any input would help! Thanks! :heart::heart:


Sep 2, 2006
Check the website to get an idea of what may be in stock. Stores typically don't carry much from seasons past the one or two just prior so if it's an older design you're after, you are better off on Ebay/websites/resellers.

Good luck - it's a lovely gift idea!


Mar 7, 2011
East Coast
I agree with Mistikat, go online and get an idea, then go to the H boutique. I would ask an SA to show you what he/she thinks is appropriate. I have done this quite a few times for gifts, they usually manage to pull one that I might not have considered on my own. Regardless, it is a wonderful, timeless gift.