Help choosing a rocco......

  1. Yeah like 1000-1100 I've seen them for! Expensive!!
  2. I just got the blk with rosegold it's Gorgeous, the HW really shows up, the red is pretty too!
  3. I recently got it so there is no wear yet. And I have had several Rocco's this is by far the smooshiest

  4. have u decided which one yet??? my vote's 100% for SILVER!!! u wanna show off the studs so while i think the matte black looks very clean against the black, it's not as bold as silver! whatever u decide, you're gonna LOVE! rocco's my FAVORITE bag!!
  5. I'm thinkin silver!! Can't wait to get it now, 4 weeks to go! Lol
  6. black with brass! in pebble or velvet? i'm thinking of buying one also and can't decide which.