Help choosing a rocco......

  1. Hey
    So I've got a leopard Brenda and a brick Donna but I'm going to get my first rocco and I'm torn between black with silver hdw or black with black hdw!!!!

    Any ladies with either out there I'd love to see some pics or get some opinions I just don't know which to get!!!

    Thanks so much!!!! ;)
  2. i say the black with silver hardware!! the main feature of the bag is the studs, and the silver is so shiny and pretty :smile: i have the black and rose gold and i love how the studs shine under the light!

  3. Yeah that's what I'm leaning towards! Plus I thought maybe the black studs may show up scratches etc...

    I'm going on holiday to do a bit of a west coast USA tour from the uk and I thought I'd order it to be delivered to my first hotel as its like a few hundred cheaper than over here!!!

    Are your handles stretchy enough to wear on your shoulder when you are not wearing a jacket?? I've heard some say yes and some no...

    Thanks for your help!!!!
  4. Here's a pic my SA sent me. I'm loving the black Rocco with the rose gold.


    I think I might have to get this or the red!!!
  5. lanapumpkin82: i can't really fit the straps on my shoulder..way too uncomfortable. i just wear it on my forearm or i hold it with my hands. the long strap really comes in handy though, because you can just throw it over your shoulder if you need to.

    Giselle2: i have the black with rose gold, LOVE it!!
  6. Is the Diego heavier or more awkward to carry than the rocco would you say? I just don't kno what to get now!!! :-/
  7. I don't think the Diego is heavier its an amazing bag the only thing I don't like is the opening. I just wish the pocket was a bit bigger.
  8. I'm torn as sometimes the Diego looks great and then I've seen some that seem to hang funny. Do You tend to wear the short or ling strap more offen?

    I'll most likely end up having both at some point but I don't know what to go for first!
  9. I vote for black with silver... I LoVE mine... I have the cupcake studs... And I am in love
    Good luck with your decision
  10. I'm definitely leaning toward that option it seems pretty cool looking! How has yours worn in if you don't mind me asking? In terms of worn patches or how slouchy it is?
  11. Once you start you to really wear the bag in the leather does soften up. Which colors are you looking at. The Diego is a more trendy cross body and the Rocco is more functional.
  12. I definately want a black with silver hardware after looking at tons of pictures and I'm thinking the rocco then maybe a Diego for my birthday in December as I've brought Donna and Brenda in the past 2 months!

    But the more I see it the more I'm thinking rocco with silver :smile:
  13. Agree I do like the new gunmetal hardwar. Ahh too many choices i want them all haha. If you need someone let me know I can refer you to my person at Barneys.
  14. Thanks for that offer, I've looked into how to buy and it seems my best option is to order from the AW site to be delivered to my hotel, it saves me sales tax I've been told! The bags are like roughly $1100 in the united kingdom so I'm eager to get just the one I want!

    I managed to score a leopard Brenda in the Barneys sale though, even with customs fees and shipping it was super cheap! :smile:

    I'm so excited for my vacation and to start it by getting my new bag!!!
  15. Wow that much for a Wang bag yikes