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  1. Monogram French

  2. Monogram Koala

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  1. Should i get a French wallet or a Koala?
    I have been debating this for a while. If you have either please let me know how you like it. Are there any pros and cons? TIA
  2. I like the Koala better than the French wallet, personally. For some reason, the French wallet reminds me of an "old lady's pocketbook" for some reason.
  3. personally, i like the look of the koala wallet better. except, the buckle scratches easily.
  4. I love the koala in Damier and PRETTY!! I want one one day.
  5. the koala is really unique.
  6. I am also looking for a new wallet. I really love the Koala. For those that have it what do you think? I am afraid the buckle will get messed up. Like someone else just said.
  7. my sister has the koala and her buckle looks terrible after just 7 or 8 months. Now I have the french MC and just love it. But my all time favorite LV wallet is the PTI, which I have in monogram and MC black and white. Now that is a terrif wallet and so functional.
  8. I was afraid of the buckle getting to messed up. I throw tons of crap in my purses. Besides the Koala what other LV wallets have a slot for your ID? I hate pulling out my ID every time someone asks for it.
  9. i like the look of the french purse in mono. koala's cute too but i think it looks better in damier.
  10. get the french ...I love it! the one im using right now is Vernis!
  11. i have the koala in damier and yes, the buckle does get scratched up but it's all part of the design unfortunately. i use a purseket to keep things organized so there's less chance of it being scratched against the other things in the purse.
  12. I vote for french purse. I like french purse in momo, azur and epi, and koala in damier, vernis and MC.
  13. I would go with the french purse!

    But my ultimate favorite is the PTI! OMG Soo wonderful!
  14. i don't have either but i wanted to put my vote in for the koala! it's so cute! i love the buckle and i don't really mind if it gets scratched up a little. get a purseket like nakolulu!
  15. French wallet, you can use it as a clutch as well and the kiss lock closure is so so cute!