help..choosing a gift tommorrow

  1. hi everybody...

    im really in a hurry so pleassssssssssssssse help asap
    i get to choose a gift(yeppppppppppeeeeee) in the range of $2000 tommorrow so what should i get?

    black spy?
    classic black jumbo (chanel)?
    something from lv limited edition)?

    i want something classic/ hot woth wow factore

    any suggestions?
  2. I'd vote for Chanel. It's a great investment bag and a true classic.
  3. Wow you have a good taste, though a little bit expensive

  4. Chanel definitely for all three factors :yahoo:
  5. classic black jumbo (chanel)
  6. Ooooh Chanel! I'm not crazy about any of the LE LV's right now.
  7. thanx alot girls....
    i went today and i checked the black spy and the LV's...but i didnt like either...
    guess i'll go with the classic jumbo..

    unless u have aother ideas??
    i still have time ... 10 more days ..
    so give me ur thoghts...

    looooooooooooooooooove u all
  8. Another vote for the Chanel!! =D
  9. definetely: CHANEL!!!lol!
  10. I'd go with Chanel.
  11. I think LV in general has a bigger WOW! Factor than chanel, but actually I'd wait for next season or get the limited new miroir lockit.

    Or, rather, get the new pegase in POMME D'AMOUR!!! =-D
  12. I'm jumping on the Chanel bandwagon. I was in both boutiques the other day and Chanel just does it for me over LV. Try to get the new red classic flap. GORGEOUS. It's also gorgeous in black. Those new silver chains are TDF. Have fun. BTW, I wish I had YOUR problem. LOL
  13. Chanel is the most classic.
  14. What a great gift! Is is your birthday? Ok, I think it all depends on how old you are. I woud go with the Chanel if you are over 30 but something a bit trendier/younger like a spy if you are under.
    Either way, you can't go wrong!
  15. Well if you dont like the Spy or any LV go for Chanel