HELP choosing a color for my "day"!!!!

  1. Hey girls, I'm calling Daphne at BalNYC tomorrow to order a "day" bag... what color do you think I should get? I want something versatile but very unique... I already have a rouge vif city... any ideas??

    I'm thinking anthracite (depending on whether or not Daphne says it's a "different" looking color).

    Any other opinions/ideas?
  2. How about the new Marine color? I think that is just gorgeous!!
  3. I have my name in for an Anthracite City w/Daphne. She says the color is absolutely beautiful. I think this will be a great, great, color for any style bbag! Destined to be a classic color!
  4. Anthracite!. I am hoping to see itt soon. I am waitlist for the city. I am passing on the wait for marine as I feel it's a opaque dark navy... I think it is a little dull compared to INK.
  5. Are there any pictures of anthracite OTHER than on the swatches? I want to see it on an actual bag!
  6. Carrie~ can you ask her when argyle is coming in???????? Thanks!
  7. Anthracite here too!!! :smile:
  8. Anthracite or Argile.. I planning to get Argile Day when it comes out
  9. What about blue glacier day??? I love the color on the swatch.:love:
  10. marine :yes:
  11. There is a gorgeous rouille day on eBay. I am in love with it!