Help choosing a bag to buy please ! :)

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  1. I want a large bag but still everyday though I am choosing between the Louis vuitton monogram speedy 40 and these other 2 handbags also. Links below. I'd love an opinion I saw the speedy 40 on other ppl it seems to sag ALOT though and I do hate the sag on that bag ! Thank you everyone ! :smile:
  2. I read a lot of lades get purse organizer to prevent the sag on the LV.

    I like the second bag better.
  3. I like the LV 40 better than the other 2. But I don't mind the sag; as others have said, an organizer can solve that problem.
  4. I agree. I like the second bag better. Very nice
  5. Second bag is better, the buckles on the first one are too distracting for me.