Help Choosing 1st Chanel

  1. okay, so this christmas i want a chanel bag, but i am torn between a few.... well, alot. lol. i dont currently own any chanel bags and i was just going to get a new balenciaga, but i decided to be honest with myself and admit that i really want a chanel. my question is, what bag do you think would be the best starter? i love the caviar leather. my parents havent set a budget, but i am pretty sure they wont go for one for over 2000, would i be better off buying from the boutique or getting one used from eBay? thanks so much
  2. Are you looking for an everyday bag or an evening bag? I would recommend the Medalion tote for an everyday bag and the Timeless clutch for an evening bag. Both bags are available in caviar leather. They're under 2k as well so that should keep your parents happy :tup:
  3. OMG, i love the medallion tote. how much does it retail for?
  4. If the same bag is available at the boutique and Saks or Nordstrom, buy it at Saks or Nordstrom. They have much more flexible return policy.

    A few months ago, I had the same "1st Chanel" debate and this forum was so helpful! I chose the Red Expandable Tote as my 1st Chanel. Chanels are very addictive so be forewarned!
  5. Actually i think the Medallion tote is a tad over 2k. Maybe you can chip in with your parents to get the bag.
  6. I would definitely go for caviar leather. Since it's your first Chanel you'll want to wear it all the time and caviar leather wears sooo much better than lambskin. Congrats!