help~~~choose my first bbag!!

  1. EMERALD Twiggy? Ink City? Oregano City? Rust First?
    PLZ:cry: ....I need Helps!! i'm 5'7, its my first time buying bbags:P !! which one is the best bbag for a newbie??
    If its possible, could you guys post some pics of you with bbags:love: ?? Cheers!!!!!!!!
  2. Ink city!
  3. i'd say go for the rust first, i have one & i love it's a great staple bag & is perfect for running around town :smile:
  4. I think there is a thread w/ people and their B-bags, yes?
    I like them but don't own one!
  5. on 2nd thought, the ink city might be a better choice since you're taller than me & can carry it off better :yes:
  6. I would say ink city even though I have a rouille bag that I love.
  7. I'm 5'7" too. I have an emerald twiggy, ink city and rouille city. I prefer the city size the best, then the twiggy. I find the first too small for me.
  8. I got the ink city as my first bbag. LOVE it so much that I got the coin purse in ink right after... :heart: I love the City size as the most versatile for my first bag, though it is a matter of preference. A lot of people also swears by the First and the other sizes. If you can, you should go to the store to try out different sizes and see which one works best for you :yes: As far as color goes, I LOVE all the colors you picked out... Emerald, Ink, Origan, Rust... It'll be easier to pick if I know what color bags do you already own, and what color outfits do you usually wear.

    Oh btw here's the thread where you can see pics of PFers wearing different sizes of balenciaga bags:
  9. Ink city!
  10. from your list, my first choice is ink city and second is origan city for your first bbag, since those are both very versatile colors.
  11. I don't own a city, but I'd say Ink City!
  12. INK City!!!! It's a great color - very versatile and isn't gonna be produced in the fall...get it while you can!
  13. i'm totally in LOVE with the INK at the moment.... go the INK city!
  14. Twiggys make a real statement and are not copied like the other shapes.
  15. Another vote for ink city. It was my first Bbag and it was love at first sight! :heart: :love: