Help Choose Morning & Night & Eye Creams!

  1. I'm trying to decide which creams to use (I read that you need to have a moisturizer with an SPF + eyecream in the morning, and then a night cream).

    Avon's HydraRadiance products (morning and night cream and the bio6 eyecream) seemed to get good reviews. Any thoughts on those?

    Also, Neutrogena came out with the anti-oxidant age reverse creams for morning, night and eye. Any comments?

    What do you gals use and find useful?

    It's hard to choose!
  2. I just started using the Boots Day and Night eye cream (available at Target). They come in a container together and one side is for day and the other for night. So far so good! The day formula is more gel like and the night formula is creamy. They have a nice feel to them. I put the night version on about 10 hours ago and my eye area still feels moisturized. Definitely longer lasting than any other eye cream I have ever used.
  3. I use Natura Bisse. Very pricey, but I love it.
  4. Right now I am using Kiehl's avocado eye cream both day and night. It's pretty good. Before this, I used Nivea Q10 eye cream for several years (from about age 22-27), but now I need something a little heavier than that one.