Help Choose Jige Clutch Colour n Size

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  1. Dear All

    Need a little help.

    I have these choices:


    Soleil Epsom
    Bouganviller Epsom
    Bleu Thalassa Epsom
    ALL 2250 USD in Epsom

    Elan 29cm
    Violet Tadelakt 2775
    Bleu Thalassa Epsom 2900

    I am leaning towards something in Epsom as it is more rigid.

    I am debating in terms of size. PM or Elan.

    If I choose Bouganviller (the one i am mostly leaning towards) which size you think I should take?

    Please help.

    I am also in love with the violet tadelakt.....

    How come price of Elan Epsom to much more exp than the PM size?

    Isnt the length almost the same, infact the elan is 2 inches shorter in width?
  2. I love the jige pm size. It holds a lot including a trade paperback without looking bulky or big (pics are posted on this forum). Easy to get in and out of, and easy to transition from day to casual evening. (I think both jige pm and elan are casual clutches). Having said that, I have worn a jige pm with a dressy outfit when I want to tone it down/funk it up and create a stylistic contrast.

    I recommend going with your first choice of color. good luck!
  3. thank you for your reply...i somewht like the PM size too:smile: but apparently elan is more popular..
  4. ANY COMPARISON SHOTS BETWEEN PM and ELAN next to each other?
  5. Elan is lined in leather.

    There are comparison shots (not mine but other tpfers) in the thread below. I think check post 92. HTH
  6. Ah ok thanks so much 880!:smile:

    I think I will go for the PM size...that isnt lined in leather rite?

    Does anyone know the price of PM in Paris?

    I know the Elan Epsom in 1790 euro
  7. I initially wanted an Elan and tried a few on in the store. I loved the tadelakt leather over the Epsom which seemed a little too stiff for me. Then 880's PM pics enabled me and I went with the PM size.

    I think I will still try and get an Elan some day though, they seem to be a little more formal I think. However, the PM holds a lot and is very versatile!!!

    Oh, and yes, the PM is lined in material and that's why they're not as expensive.

    Good luck!
  8. I just purchased a Jige Elan in Griolet. I wanted this color so badly in any bag.
  9. ^^^I tried that bag on and although I am not a purple person it was sooo tempting, just a gorgeous amazing bag, congratz!!!!
  10. Thanks, rileygirl. I had purchased the CDC in griolet, loved the color. One Hermes store had a griolet in a Birkin but would not transfer it to any of my SA nor sell it to me. I was thrilled to be offered it in a Jige.:yahoo:
  11. anyone know the price of PM and GM in PARIS? pls lemme know thnx
  12. my vote is violet tad. i think the smooth leather lends itself to the formal bag. so pretty and violet goes with just about everything!
  13. Violet Tadelakt Jige.
  14. VTJ:yes: saw the Violet Tadelakt Kelly Cut it is gorgeous also though def doesn't hold as much as the jige
  15. A fam member was in FSH, no luck with Jige Pm only in white and chocolate epsoms, colours which i am not interested in...he is going there again for the last time to check on the stock- crossing figers that he will msg to say there are some new shipments and colours are interesting..

    i wud not mind settling for the ELAN size too...though PM is my first choice..