Help choose between cage flats or kittens.

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  1. Dear friends,
    As a birthday gift my hubby has agreed to get me a long coveted r
  2. Hi friends,
    As a birthday gift my husband has agreed to get me my long coveted rock studs. I know I want the matter black but flats or kittens?please see the attached pics.Sorry I was in a hurry and couldn't take better pics.
  3. Flats
  4. One more of the kittens
  5. And of the flats
  6. Kittens, for sure. They are very comfortable. Some women on this forum have talked about how uncomfortable the flats are and they crease in the toe
  7. Thanks fashion16..I've also been reading the complaints against the flats.
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    Definitely the kitten heels...they are so comfortable, versatile and just plain gorgeous. I purchased the very color you're wearing 3 years ago at a Valentino boutique in Boston and they look are still as beautiful as when I got them. They look great with jeans ( like what you have on in your pic), pants, skirts, dresses. They are a great " investment" . Have you chosen yet? Hope you have a great birthday.
  9. Definitely the kittens, the flats are more uncomfortable and a little heel always looks cuter than no heel!
  10. I would chose the kittens, because I am small size (short legs) and they are super confortable :smile:
  11. Another vote for kitten heels too, some heel always looks more flattering and these are super comfortable and in fact more comfortable than the flats!