Help choose and addition to my ever changing family...


05 Caramel or 06 Rouge VIF

  1. Caramel

  2. VIF

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  1. So now i am only left with a greige work, black box, and white twiggy. I have learned that super brights like magenta just don't work in bigger sizes for me. And i am no big fan of blues and greens. (I like FB and VG but not on me) But I want to add a little something else to my collection of neutrals. I have narrowed it down to two color options... 05 Caramel and 06 Rouge VIF. I know I would definitely get more use out of a caramel only because it's a neutral and the VIF I would only use to go out (which is close to never).... But i'd like some opinions! TIA! :heart:
  2. Caramel :love:
  3. caramel
  4. Vif!!! Red IS a neutral! ;) Honestly, I really do view red as a vibrant color that goes with just about everything. And it might be nice to add just one pop of color to your bag collection.
  5. Caramel gets my vote... which style?? I think a Rouge twiggy would look nice... however caramel in city, first and day would look just as nice.... I am more of a neutral person!

    http://***********************/288100 ;)
  6. Rouge VIF will be great on you. If you are lookin at city style (for both casual or dresser occasions), twiggy style is more for casual i wuld say. this color will not go wrong as it suits all dress codes like Sienna Miller love her true red city bag....heheheheh
  7. vif.
  8. What size/style are we talking about here? Or just color preference?
  9. I love the VIF for a pop of color!! I find that if you wear alot of neutrals it just changes the entire look from blah to wow!! LOVE VIF!! :graucho:
  10. i voted for ROUGE VIF - its a hot colour! totally yummy!
  11. Rouge Vif.
    Lately I love red bags and I think they go with everything from white to black.
  12. It depends on what style your going to get but I voted for Caramel! I'm more of a neutral girl, too!
  13. I voted for vif because I think the color can work with most anything.. but caramel is beautiful too. Can't go wrong with either. Why not both? :yes:
  14. 05 caramel
  15. I love my vif, but I think that you would use the caramel more.